Kate in Breathing (1980) - by gay-mo

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Charli talking about her musical influences on the album

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Kate in Army Dreamers (1980) - by mybestfriendisarabbit

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This feeling.

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New Goal: Since I didn’t get to see Kate Bush, I’m going to invest in a keyboard.

Probably going to continue selling things later down the road like my CD and manga collection, but I’m really interested in getting the Kurzweil Forte. I’m probably going to end up driving all the way to Columbus, Ohio to actually test the keybeds on these keyboards. I’m looking at pretty much all the major brands (Kurzweil, Yamaha, Korg, Roland) and their flagship models.

I would like to get a job, but because I’m having problems driving now, it doesn’t look like that’s an option for me. I wish there was something I could do on here. I guess I could try drawing again. :| I doubt people would want my art, though.


Please don’t give up.

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Kate Bush.

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Didn’t get Kate Bush tickets

Pre-sale was a bomb. I had tickets - TWICE - but Eventim declined my card. At first I thought it was my bank, but it turns out they do not accept debit cards. And today, well, all the tickets sold out in fifteen minutes and I just could not grab any.

Literally devastated.

On top of that, my mom has found out she’s had two strokes before she is what’s wrong with her brain and all of her senses (Parietal lobe was affected) and she’s a pretty good candidate for Alzheimer’s right now.

I really need to sleep forever.